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Spiritual Misas (Seances)

Updated: Oct 1, 2023

When I attended my first misa I had no idea what to expect. As a matter of fact, up until then I had never even heard of a misa. All I knew was that a colleague of mine hosted them regularly at her home and had invited me to attend. The only instructions I received were to wear white and bring something for the Spirits. Simple.

When I arrived at my colleagues home I was greeted by several other guests in white. The house had a cozy, family feel. I was ushered into the front parlor where an altar table was set up surrounded by several chairs. Food was cooking in the kitchen. It smelled divine. I was told that the food was for the guests after the misa concluded.

We were instructed to wait while the host and some of the mediums finished preparations for the misa. I observed while people swept the floor, smudged the house with frankincense, and placed protective wards by the front door. I also admired the misa altar, which was a long table draped in white cloth. Placed on top was a large glass bowl surrounded by six tall wine glasses, all filled with water. The table was decorated with vases of white roses, a glass containing fresh herbs, a few perfume bottles, a silver cross, a fresh cup of coffee, a cigar, and a bottle of rum. Offerings for the spirits. The atar table was not elaborate, yet you could feel the power and peace it radiated.

Once the preparations were complete and the sun set the host announced it was time to begin. She sat at one end of the misa table while another medium sat on the other end. The remaining guests sat in the chairs surrounding the table. The host opened with prayers and songs, which everyone recited. Next each guest was invited, one by one each guest, to approach the table and lightly douse themselves with a special spiritual bath that had been prepared specifically for the misa, and knock three times on the table. Once every guest was cleansed and announced themselves to the spirits the misa was declared open and the messages came forth. And boy, were there messages!

I won’t disclose details on what exactly was shared but I will say that that first misa was an amazing experience. I received some very important information from my spirit guides and was warned about things I needed to watch out for. Some of the mediums present were even able to identify a few of my spirit guides. I left that experience with much more clarity about who I am, my gifts, and what I needed to do to grow spiritually. I have attended several misas since then and each has been a uniquely incredible experience. Misas have been instrumental in the development of my mediumship and my role as a spiritualist.

A misa is a practice that came out of the Spiritist movement founded by Allan Kardec. The word misa is Spanish for mass, which is essentially what a misa is- a spiritual gathering for those that practice Spiritism. An event where mediums come together for the purpose of communing with and elevating the dead. Though you may see elements of Christianity and some African Traditional Religions, misas are technically non-denominational, meaning that anyone can participate. Ultimately misas serve four distinct purposes. First, they help to develop mediumship. Second, they allow one to identify and connect with their spirit guides. Third, they are a way to elevate one’s spiritual court. And lastly, they are an opportunity to pass and receive important messages from the spiritual realm.

Misas are usually by word of mouth (invite only) and are held at a private residence. Misas are typically free as hosts will not charge guests to attend, however there are instances when an individual or their spirit guides will request an “investigation misa”, or a misa focused on that individual. In those cases the person requesting the misa will be charged a fee. Although there may be variations depending on whose hosting, every misa follows a basic format: a white table set with glasses of water, flowers, and candles, a recitation of prayers and songs, and the relaying of messages from the spiritual realm.

Misas are most often held at sunset and conclude before midnight, though there are some instances where a misa will last till 2 or 3am. There is no set time period for a misa as the host will allow it to continue so long as messages are being relayed. I’ve personally been at misas that have lasted anywhere from an hour and a half to four hours.

There is no hierarchy in a misa. The spirits see everyone as equal regardless of experience, skill, or age therefore messages can come from anyone present. I’ve been to misas where an eleven year old gave messages more accurately than seasoned adults. As a matter of fact, children tend to do exceptionally well in misas as they are more open and unfiltered.

Although there is no hierarchy misas are run by one or two designated mediums. These mediums are charged with the tasks of sitting at the misa table, opening and closing the session, providing guidance for those present, and managing any spirit possessions. Speaking of spirit possessions, yes it happens. Frequently. It is not uncommon for spirit to “come down” and take possession of a medium during a misa. This is actually encouraged as spirit possession solidifies the alignment between the medium and their spirit guide. Not only that, a medium may perform spiritual cleansings and relay extremely accurate messages while under possession of a spirit. Those heading the table are trained in identifying and managing such spirits when possession occurs.

Also remember that misas are non denominational so you’re not likely to see messages or spirit possession from orishas, lwa, and other such deities. Misas are not intended for that and there are other platforms designated for communing with those particular spirits.

The following are a few standard protocols and things to expect if you are invited to attend a misa:

Misa protocol

  • Wear all white or light colors.

  • Bring an offering for the spirits of the house (white candles, liquor such as rum, flowers, cigars, etc).

  • Arrive on time and try to stay for the duration of the misa.

  • Turn off cell phones or cell phone ringers.

  • No video or audio recording, however writing notes is permissible.

What you can expect at a misa:

  • Singing and the recitation of Christian prayers for the purpose of calling in Spirits.

  • Messages from spirit guides (and, by default, the possible sharing of very personal information or information not widely known by others)

  • Spiritual cleansings.

  • Spirit possession.

All in all I highly recommend that one attend a misa at least once during their spiritual journey. Especially if you are desiring to improve your mediumship abilities, identify your spirit guides, or even connect with like minded spiritualists. It is a beautiful and effective practice for advancement, elevation, and healing.

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29 sept. 2023
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I love Misas!


29 sept. 2023
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interesting thank you

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