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 AstroPsychology combines Psychology with Astrology in order to create a sort of mental map of the psyche's biorhythms and dynamics; giving way to more accurate personality diagnostics and clearer approaches towards personal resolutions. Based mainly on Jung  Archetypal Psychology applied and mirrored in the mathematical measurements of Planetary & Constellational Alignments through Quantum Fractal Geometric Patterns, the

Natal Chart is used as a symbolic tool employed towards psycho-spiritual growth in the unfolding developmental story of one's character and ultimate fate.

"Psychology text books of future generations will look back on the modern psychologists working without the aid of astrology as being like the medieval astronomers working without the aid of the telescope"  - Richard Tarnas PhD

Isaac Sierra 

AstroPsychologist / Babalawo 


Certified Astropsychologist

[ Academy of AstroPsychology ]

Board Certified

Holistic Health Practitioner 

[ American Association of Drugless Practitioners ]


Ph.D. in Metaphysical Theology 

Doctor of Divinity in Spiritual Counseling  

[ University of Metaphysical Sciences ]

IFÀ Priest

[ Babalawo  -  Awo Ni Orunmila ]


Consultations may be arranged in accordance to each client's convenience;
whether it be in person(in Miami, FL.),
or by video conference. 

To set up an appointment, text or call:

*This is NOT a solicitation. We are here to SERVE and it is our duty to share these methods which have worked for us. We believe that those seeking assistance should try to work with someone knowledgable, whose style of communication is found to be COMFORTABLE and UNDERSTANDABLE in order to more easily find ways to resolve the client's true needs. This is what we support, whether through us or not. AŚE! 

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